Dear Tribe member,

The love for beautiful objects sourced from sustainable crafters worldwide is what inspires what we do.

We desire to connect you with others that seek out a slow and meaningful life, to join you with a community that appreciates artistry and sharing. The little community store ignited in us the yearning to create a similar space, where you can hear stories of where the product comes from, and who it was made by. A place that understands and treasures its community members, its needs and desires. And so, The Storer was born. The Storer, a mystical traveller, who scours the globe collecting objects of interest and beauty. Our possessions, that which we gather throughout our lives, become reflections of who we are, how we live and the choices we make. They tell our stories just as the little community store tells the stories of its community and history. The Storer is within each of us, and it is the fibre that draws us close and unites our tribe. This mystical traveller beckons us to explore our values and authenticity through the worlds’ neglected crafts and objects.

Through the awakening of the tribe and the crafts of old, we intend to re-establish an era where the small community store reigned supreme. We encourage our community to share stories, heritage, lifestyle, and honest living. We are firmly rooted in old methods of creating, but we also look towards the future knowing that everything evolves and grows. Nature reminds as that everything changes, and yet that doesn’t mean it should be uprooted from that which nurtures and grounds it.

We love beautiful things, and we want to create a beautiful environment where we are all conscious, and where we can come together in our little community store, furnished by The Storer.