Journey – A Unique Footprint Shared By Many

Each Journey starts with an equal sense of exhilaration and trepidation. We set off never knowing how the journey will unfold, how we will be changed by the journey and those we encounter. The measure of a journey is how well we adapt to being stretched to meet each challenge.

As I drive along, I imagine the countryside without its well forged infrastructure, my mind filled with the dangers that awaited those voyagers of old. I am filled with admiration for the human spirit of adventure in the face of unknown danger. I wonder if our intrepid forefathers had known what obstacles awaited them would have embarked on such a journey, laying their lives on the line for discovery.

Taking the road less travelled, I feel connected to my forefathers who set off to explore their hopes and dreams, wrapped in adventure. I am connected to their energy and am exhilarated by the open road that leads me down cobbled paths where people seem content without adventure yet grateful for the connection to adventure through me.

They seem as taken by me as I am by them. Journey is a respectful relationship forged between the voyager and local communities. Is this relationship founded on both parties need for adventure, even if voyeuristically. Through language barriers an exchange of knowledge is shared, they are intrigued to hear where I have come form, moved that I have embarked on a journey to find their studio. And the feeling is mutual as I sit in their presence and soak in the history of their craft, I am humbled by the adversities they have overcome to hang onto their very existence through craft in an ever-modernising world.

Are there some amongst us built to explore, to journey beyond borders, and others who are the custodians of the journey and its story? It is clear to me that we all long for an adventurous journey and the stories made along the way. We journey as one even though we are many.

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