Golden Thread of Connection

On my journey to express a new seed of creativity I started to feel a thread of connection with individuals across the globe, people who I had never meet before, whose lives were so different from mine. One warm Mexican day I found myself sitting in the presence of a 60-year-old woman, she had spent her life perfecting an age-old craft of dying and weaving fabrics passed down to her by six generations of Aztec women. In the presence of this women I felt a familiar rush, yet for the first time I felt the awareness of a golden thread of connection between me and the six women that had come before this amazing woman.

As we drove back from this tiny village on the outskirts of Oaxaca with the sun on my face and the familiar intoxicating high of being in the presence of greatness, I knew I had to understand the human species desire to express ourselves through creativity. This desire has led me on a journey of research to learn about our connection with the creative force that has so inspired me. A passion to understand the human spirit of creativity that lives in all of us since the beginning of time.

So many facts filled the pages of reputable books and web pages to the origin of creativity many spanning back  50 000 to 100 000 years. But the one piece of information that struck me as truly interesting was the human trait to play – play and imagine. As children we are left to play and imagine. Humans are remarkably inventive in play but seem to lose this spark of playfulness as we get older, yet we delight and search for glimmers of imagination as adults.

On my travels I now understand that the golden thread I see and feel is indeed the wild imaginings of welcoming artisans who share their stories and work with me. The Storer is a story book not only of these artisans and their product but the story of imagination expressed through beauty and community.

I hope that your senses have been Reignited and your creative imaginings run free.

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